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Why Choose a Self-Help Home Loan

Self-Help loans are ideal for borrowers with imperfect credit, first-time home-buyers, immigrant families, rural residents and, of course, our credit union members. We offer these advantages:

More flexible qualifying: Credit scores as low as 580 and alternative sources of credit

Low down payments: As little as 3% of the sales price

Reasonable interest rates: Generally not the lowest, but fair and affordable

No junk fees or private mortgage insurance: Origination fees as low as 1%

A bigger definition of "home": Mortgages available for a variety of property types, including some manufactured homes

An experienced, community-focused lender: Self-Help is an award-winning credit union known for loans that build stronger communities.

We can help on home purchases and refinances in North Carolina. Find the branch office nearest you or get more information at (800) 966-SELF or OpenDoors@self-help.org.

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